Aircraft Investment and Business Aviation – a groundbreaking combination

For years, aircrafts have been symbolizing lucrative investment objects for both financial institutions as well as their investors. Airlines regard business aviation as a promising market. Uniting aircraft investment and business aviation as their main pillars for success, the HiWing GmbH has started its own investment model in 2013 – investors purchase business jets and rent them out to our partner airline Excellent Air.

It sounds easy – and it is. We offer high transparency, little effort and profound experience in the sector.

We coordinate the selection, the purchase and the leasing of suitable aircrafts, while Excellent Air is responsible for maximizing capacity utilization. As investor, you become an entrepreneur, and you will have a say in business plans of the HiWing company. We exclusively invest in second-hand aircrafts stable in value – this secures investment and ensures competitive prices to the partner airline.

HiWing offers a groundbreaking business model enabling individuals as well as companies to be part of the rising trend of business aviation

Hiwing Model

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Experienced, established, effective –
our Partner Airline Excellent Air

In order to be lucrative, an aircraft has to fly. Our competent aircraft manager Excellent Air GmbH is responsible for the operation and the marketing of the business jets. As an investor, you will not only profit from the know-how

of a renowned, long-standing airline – thanks to the HiWing Beteiligungs GmbH, co-owners of Excellent Air GmbH enjoy a high degree of transparency and will be involved in the company’s business plans.